East of Sanity-A Departure of Sanity Campaign Setting

   This campaign setting is made for A Departure of Sanity.  It is
meant to take your game out of a modern setting and into a feudal
Japanese setting.  Unlike the coustomizeable rulebook, this book will
be more rigid, but it will still allow for plenty of freedom.

Part I: New Occupations

Here are some of the basic feudal jobs that your character could take
on, sorted in approximate order of their social rank:

Farmer-Farmers are the poor servents of lords.  Their job is to
provide grain for the whole fife.  Like the serfs of England, they
are like slaves, but they cannot be traded.  Their humble life seems
meaningless, but without them, there is no grain.  They should begin
with the talents: farming and riding.  They should also have a peasent
weapon hobby and have the exceptional strength or speed constitution.
They make the equivalent of $100 (counting inflation) a month.  Their
promotions should raise the amount $50.

Merchant-Merchants are freelance businessmen who sell and trade wares
from far off countries.  They come into contact with many of the lords
and other dynamic figures.  They live the good life, but it is 
stressful to provide goods and often stop or start wars.  Their 
talents should be: salesmanship and advanced toolmaking.  Their hoddy
should be art or small bladed weapons.  They should have exceptional
intelligence.  Their money made is based on business sucess.

Dutch Freelancers-The Dutch were the only people allowed to trade with
Japan.  They brought the Japanese warlords cannons and firearms to use
in battles against enemies.  They often play both sides of the game.
All Dutch sailors are reservists in the Dutch navy.  They cannot be
ordered by the Japanese government.  They are trained in sailing,
riflery, persuasion and swordfighting.  Their money is also based
on business success.

Riflemen/Spear Bearers-A peasant becomes a rifleman or spear bearer
when their daiyamo goes to war.  They gain a skill in riflery or
spear fighting in this case.  They usually do not fight long, but
they gain double actualization points for any battle.  Most return
to be farmers, few advance in the military.  If they do, they
advance to swordsmen.  They gain no extra pay for fighting in the
war, though they do get to keep the weapons and armour.

Swordsmen-Do not confuse with Samurai.  These are farmers who have
fought well enough in war to use swords in times of war.  They carry
a normal sword during battle.  They usually stand behind the rifle
and spear charge and clean up what the charge left standing.  They
get to keep the sword and armour, but they cannot display it in
public.  During war, they get double their normal farm salary, but
they recieve no actualization point bonus (they are privy to the
horrors of war).

Standard Bearers-In feudal Japan, orders were relayed to various
units by a complex series of standards.  The standard bearers have
no weapons, they are simply concerned with the changing of signal
flags.  The death of a standard bearer means total and utter discord.
They gain the skill signal flag.  They get 4 times their farm salary
and twice their normal actualization point bonus.

Cavalry-Permanent members of the army.  They are recruited from 
swordsmen.  They carry spears or swords and ride atop horses.
They have the job of ordering troops, and can give the standard
bearers orders to relay.  They gain the skill of leadership and
make about $800 a month.  

Samurai-They are the focus of the game because they are famous for
their works as artists and philosophers.  They are leaders of
daiyamo armies and on the same level as their lords.  All cary
the famous two-swords, a symbol of state and all carry the weakness,
bushido.  There are several
 Artisans-Samurai recruited for their artistic ability.  They live
in luxary in their lord's manor.  They paint, sculpt, etc.  They
have the talent kendo and 2-3 artistic talents.  They gain no
money, for the daiyamo fulfills all their needs.
 Generals-Samurai who either stayed in their fathers care or joined
with a new lord.  They live in luxary in the lord's palace and lead
his wars.  They have the talents kendo, swordfighting, leadership,
and two more military talents.
 Ronin-Samurai who have chosen to make their own destiny.  They engage
in solitary life.  All take vows of poverty and most take a vow of
chastity.  They seek commune with the universe.  Their ultimate goal
is self-actualization.  They have the skills kendo, a weapons skill,
jiujitsu, philosophy, and 2-3 artistic skills.

Geisha-They are the famous ladies of Japanese drama.  They are artists,
entertainers, singers, dancers, and poets.  Any kabuki play will have
one of these.  I cannot discuss them here.  They are discussed in
length in a later section.  They have the skills sing, dance, seduce,
persuade, and 1 or more artistic skills.  All the money they make
is filtered through their okiya.

Daiyamos-These are the lords of Japan, they wage war at each other
all the time.  Their goals are profeit, land, and power.  They
have the same skills as samurai and make as much money as business

Monks-They are men who seek to become one with the universe through
self beterment.  They are amazingly strong and skilled in the fighting
arts, though most chose not to fight.  If they do, the leave the
priesthood.  They are skilled in jiujitsu, karate, prayer, philosophy,
and art.  They make no money.

Part II: Some of the New Talents of Feudal Japan

Here are some of the many Talents you will use in this campaign:

Farming-A basic knowledge of all of the tools used in the act of farming.
Someone with this talent at level one should be able to tend a small farm
with minimal assistance.  Someone with this skill should be proficient in
about 5 tools and 1 method of farming.  As skill increases, a farmer should 
learn more tools and farming methods.  He should also be able to tackle bigger

Riding-The ability to ride horses and indigenous animals.  Someone with this
skill at level one should be able to ride horses fairly well, and be able to
assert a level of control over Asian animals (i.e. Yaks).  They should be able
to ride more animals better as the level of advancement increases.