The Not-at-all Prestigious A Departure of Sanity Killer Site Award

   I admit I manage a humble little site, but I have tried my darn
hardest to make it useful, informative, and fun.  In my days, I
have found few sites that are really more than a bunch of pretty
pictures, that I why I have created this award (Not to mention
free publicity).  Anyone mentioned on this page will have the award
(really just a .gif) e-mailed to them shortly.  I am constantly
looking for more good pages, so any site that I like will eventually
make it on here.
   In case you really want to know how you get on this list of awards
(as if you really care), here are the guidelines below:

1. The site must offer something of value.  I have a free RPG.  You
   might have code fragments, games, anything, it just better have
   a reason for living.
2. The site must be progressive.  It should try to do or say things
   other sites have not.  If it is just the same old same old, it
   doesn't cut it.
3. There must be a benefeit to the visitor.  Shopping, e-mail, 
   message boards, web rings search engines, anything like that.  
   This is the difference between a user-friendly site and a non
   -user friendly site.
4. It must demean other persons or sites without just thesis.  If
   a site says: "Bobby Can Kiss My Ass" without giving some reason
   why Bobby deserves the sad fate of masticating your hindquarters,
   you will be thrown out.  We are all gentlemen here and should not
   slander any group, person, or ideal.

   If you think you deserve the right to post my graphic on your site,
e-mail me at  Hope to see you on the list.

The Envelope Please...

Best Corporate Roleplaying Sites: Helps you get into the Network easily and offers a lot of great tools.
Best Individual Roleplaying Sites: The biggest, meanest AD&D site around.
Best Major Band Sites: The only band site that is actually fun to visit.
Best Internet Stores: The most fast, helpful music merchendise store on the web.
Best Everything Sites: Pathology, RPGs, Software, Books, there's nothing this guy doesn't know.