The New Home for ADOS News.

As I mentioned before, the news had grown a little too big for the
main page, but I didn't want to dump it, I think that I give good,
insightful information to my players.  To keep the news going I
put it on this page, so keep readin.'

(Note: The news is in descending order, so don't assume the top date
is the newest)
(Another Note: I update this thing, occasionally, so don't assume
this is old)

21 Sept.-I just wanted to tell you that we got stats.  Pretty nifty.
Please tell your friends to try my game, I don't suceed if you don't 

9 Oct.-Hey, join the Departure of Sanity mailing list.  Just send me
an E-Mail at, and I will send you some interesting
junk.  I might make up some special adventures, setting, stuff like
that.  So if you play, or at least want to, join.  I'm also looking
for players in an ongoing Alternity game based on the AD&D Dark Sun
world.  Write me about it too.

28 Dec.-My e-mail is down, so nobody try to mail me.  By the way, I
have some important news, East of Sanity has been suspended, so more
attention can be focused on From the Ashes of Babylon.  For those of
you wondering, the campaign focuses on Babylon 5.  It will contain
complete information for fans of the show or for people who have
never seen it before.  I also plan to impliment several new forms of
combat (esp. naval), however, don't confuse it with Alternity, the
focus will be diplomacy and not combat (though, students of history
know that two countries sitting at the bargaining table can be bloodier
than 1,000 wars).

4 Feb.-Sorry about the hiatus.  Ashes of Babylon is going well and
I am now a member of a webring.  Happy day.

9 Feb.-I have been working on the draft of Babylon, I should be done
by the end of this month.  I am also joining a lot of communities and
webrings to spread the word.  I have put a lot of work into Babylon,
and when it is done, your game will never be the same.

12 Feb.-Babylon is done, I just need to upload.  I'm adding more
webrings, and I'm starting one of my own.

26 Feb.-Babylon will be up within this week, plus, I'm now on a German
webring, I'm going to go freakin' global with this.

2 Mar.-What'd I tell you, Babylon is up.  Now Babylon fans have
something better than The Babylon Project (have you ever played that
festering mound of cow crap, it's a disgrace to the show).Just 
download the source of the link because, if you actually try to click
on it, you'll get a bunch of shit (don't you love "user friendly" 
computers).  It should be viewable under wordpad.  I'm going to try 
to release a html version later (probably with expanded rules).  By 
the way, Force of Will is starting up and it looks great.

8 Mar.-I just set it up so that you can join my webring.  The fragment
and the whole deal are coming up (I also added a graphic you can
put on your site to identify yourself with the elite, note, the 
picture is from Pulse, by Pink Floyd).   I'm also working on a PDF
GM's packet for the game (a few charts, characters sheets, etc.) so
you don't have to make your own.  The Rayearth project is coming
along swimmingly.  Keep playin.'  (By the way, please join my ring,
I want to find out who plays my game, or at least others like it).
11 Mar.-I just finished a .bmp character sheet, the first part of the
DM's pack, hope you like it (remember save as target, kiddies).  I
also joined HTML gear, so I'm adding all that crazy crap everybody
has on their pages to mine (yeah).  Still working on a decent fragment
for my ring.  Also, I have some good news, I have been working on the
mafia MUD .38-.44 for a few years, and I am making great progress.
I am now trying to make it work better with the ADOS rules (that's
right, interactive ADOS).  I'm also going to try to start up a live
ADOS game.  Keep playin'

13 Mar.-Added some more doo-dads, no biggie.  I'm going to start
cirulating banners, and I'll put them up for download, so support my 

15 Mar.-ADOS live is coming.  I am experiencing some technical problems,
but it will come.  Soon, you will be able to play A Departure of Sanity
live, every week.  The page is ready, and this Saturday will be the first

16 Mar.-Good example of "Don't believe everything you read.  The amazing
bitchiness of Tripod has caused a few problems to happen, so I am forced
to hold off the inaugural date 'till next week.  Just look at the chat
guide to check the status of a chat you want to visit.  By the way, the
channel name is #ADOSlive, so feel free to chat on it anytime, just
as long as it isn't during a game.  Also, I am working on the ADOS RPSM
MUD, .38-.44 until two in the morning, and I can tell you it looks good.
You guys are going to like this.  Personal Soapbox:If any of you bitches
ever call yourselves programmers because you know HTML, I'll deck you, try
spending some time writing MERC 2.2 files in UNIX, you'd run home to your
-A later entry, just wanted to tell you I am making some minor additions
and making the character sheet a .jpg so it opens and downloads faster
and smaller.

17 Mar.-Making some changes to my webring and making a full fragment.
I also added a stock ticker to my page.  Please, use my gears, I need
people too so I know what you think of my site.  Also, if you don't
know, Pass-it-on recommends my site.  Anything on my site won't cost
you money, so feel free to click.  And please, join my ring, I am
making a ring-member only page with drafts of upcoming products and
other stuff.  Even if you don't fit the ring's profile, join anyway,
it helps me connect with you guys.  By the way, the fragment for my ring
is done, so join up.

21 Mar.-I just got an account with RPG Worlds, Driveway, and the Darkholme
Keep.  It means more publicity and more space for the stuff you really want.
However, let me get on my soapbox, you bastards aren't touching my stuff. I
want to know how you like the game, what you play, your character, how much
it sucks, I don't care, I just want you to sign my guestbook or something,
come on, it's a minute out of your life.
-On a happier note, I am spending a lot of time on my ADOS mud.  This week,
some early source code should be up (this is not necessarily the stuff I am
working with now, just some stuff I have done that you can cut your teeth on.
I would like you to look at my code an play around with it, but, whatever you
do, don't take credit, and don't start up a MUD from it without giving me
notice (like, sign my guestbook or something).

24 Mar.: I have been working tirelessly on Force of Will and .38-.44.
Force of Will will be out soon, and will prove to be a useful expansion,
even if you know nothing about Rayearth.  I am also creating a .gif
trailer (like a movie/game trailer) for .38-.44, and it should be out
soon.  However, nobody is contacting me.  Come on.  Throw me a freakin'
bone here.

25 Mar.: I finally got a third vote (remember, no matter how small, any
majority wins), you bastards better vote, it closes on the 13th.  Also,
I need your help (sorry for the verbal abuse) and you need mine.  I am
hiring myself out as a MERC Merc, that means that if you want to make
a mud, but you stink at MERC coding, you can simply get me to do your
dirty work for you.  I have some of the cheapest rates in the biz, and
I produce quality work based around a game world you make up (any game
world).  Click here for more info:

Mud Authoring Services: 
5 Apr.: I put up Force of Will (Save as target kiddies), and you should be able to play it whenever you want. Also, I have a character sheet that previews the next expansion to come out, read it and find out more (I will post several other previews with more characters from it). Use these characters in a Lovecraft-based game. I promise that this new expansion will blow your mind, by the way, use my gears, you bastards. 13 Apr.: The contest is now closed and Steampunk and the Cthulhu project have tied, so both will be made next. The Lovecraft project is, of course, the one I previewed. Also, if you don't already have enough reasons to go to my site, I am now offering free ADOS e-mail with a weekly ADOS newsletter and member-only page (ooo, secret). So join, it'll do you some good. Also, there will be a new survey up, so use it. 18 Apr.: I am making a detour, I am now working on a short campaign setting along with Steampunk and Birch. It will be call Journeyman and will be about the people of the streets. Bums, hobos, drifters, drunks, and no-hopers come together to make a dark, secret world a horrible, magical world that no one wants to talk about. This will follow the same basic rules, but will have a slightly new format because I like my settings to mix up the rules. -Hey, sorry for calling you all bastards. Wanna know why, I need your help now. I'm already giving you a lot of free services (games, e-mail, etc.), but I now have a nifty little search box on my site, a nifty little search box that pays me. It doesn't even send you to store sites, it sends you to pages and I need money because I have none and its as hard a hell to get money out of writing a free RPG, trust me, its hard. So do me a favor, use it to search, it'll save us both some trouble (And put some decent food in my belly). 4 May.:I'm back in black, sorry for my hiatus, but I've had to deal with a whole lotta crap (exams are a bitch), however, I have been working on Journeyman a lot. It looks really good (and its html, too). I'm also working on translating my previous works to HTML and revising their rules a tad. One thing, I am amazed that people actually like this survey. My plan is to put a new one out on the 13th of every month, more or less, and I have actually seen people voting (I'm kinda disturbed by that guy who games to the sounds of Meat Loaf). I'm going to take it off, but keep rockin' I'll keep makin' you more fun stuff. By the way, e-mail me at: or because I want to know who the hell is playing my games. Better yet, sign my guestbook. 15 May-Another hiatus, I'm sorry. I've been writing Journeyman, but I must admit my time is divided, as I am currently working on the publication and presentation of my first stage play "Searching for Karen Feng." However, Journeyman is still coming. I'm also considdering putting up some info here from my Shadowrun campaign, I really don't know. By the way, I really like the new set-up Tripod is runnin', it's easy to use and a hell of a lot more classy. By the way, a new survey is up, and the last one revealed what I have always believed, nothing goes better with a long night of gaming than Pink Floyd (However, I do admit that I believe Pink Floyd is a good complement to any activity.) 13 June-Haven't had much time to touch my site. I've been working on an award to distribute to other good sites and several projects (you should be excited about many of them). The end of the summer will see the release of Journeyman (I'm about 50% done with it), ADOS Rules Version 2 (August 9th, to be exact), East of Sanity Volume 1 (I bet you forgot about it, its still going, I just plan to serialize it), Birch (Hopefully), and Acid and Dead Heroes. I'm really working on them, I've just been so busy (travelling and studying), so forgive my lack of time. I've mentioned most of those before, but I bet you raise an eyebrow at Acid and Dead Heroes. They are the first two adventures for ADOS. Acid is based around a series of Dream Theater songs that got me thinking. It is about one man waking up in the middle of our dead, slumbering world and his struggle to escape. It is a solo adventure and should probably be played with two players or Lone Wolf style. Dead Heroes is an adventure based around James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Both are excellent on their own and include resources so that you may use them as a jumping point for campaigns. Also, I bet you are wondering about the 2nd edition. The second edition is meant to unify the choppy origional rules with the other rules that have come about in the various campaign settings and Journeyman (The sister game). I mean to turn this from a choppy, disorganized game into a more professional, fun experience. Most importantly, I realized that I made the player assume too much. I have DM'ed more than 24 different systems in my day, so I am used to all the crazy stuff. I'm trying to make it more user-friendly and require less assumption. Don't wory if I don't write, I'm still working. Keep waiting because a lot of fun stuff is coming to this site. 17 July-Sorry I haven't done anything recently. I've been out of town or dealing with my play, my novel, and my grandfather's death. 38-44 and all my ADOS stuff has also been destroyed in a computer crash (only a few books and plays were backed up). However, I am trying to put in new stuff. One idea I got was to do a AD&D conversion because I want to transplant my Dark Sun game to my own system. I also started on a pet project The Catologous Arcania before the crash and I think I may resurrect it. It is similar to the D&D arms and equipment manual, but it is made for my game and contains rules for 260 really weird real-life items (example: Adz, Garden Claw, Cod Piece). You may not know what they all are, but they'll be as fun as hell in your game. And Ultima fans, don't despair, it will include stats for the famous Hoe of Destruction. On another note, I am working on my first big [Read:Graphical] site, bluesman dot com. It is basically devoted to blues and blues culture. The only problem is that I can't do it alone. If any of you are fellow blues addicts and want to help in even the smallest capacity, e-mail me at 5 Aug.:Sorry, I been really neglecting this stuff because I've been trying to fix my computer and market myself as a writer/musician. If you want to see some of my work, try going to and search for Bioproject. I add more poetry, songs, etc. every week. Its some good crap and will let you look at the other side of my work. By the way, 2nd ed. is coming, really soon and will incorporate a lot of the stuff from the destroyed Journeyman game. 1 Nov.: School, career, it's all a bitch, but I have managed to make time to finish version 2.0. IT'S OUT BABY!!! Even better, I'm about to release 2 new expansions: Super Elf-Hunter Championship Edition (A skit on AD&D) and River Black. 26 Nov.:I'm working on elf hunter. It should be out next week, along with an expanded Force of Will. It will fit the new rules better and will include more fun crap. I have also updated my poetry on upstage and have added a real link: The Jazz Mandolin Project. They just recently got a national record out, but they have as of yet to make it big. They are sort of like Phish with a mandolin and more jazz influence. Support these guys, please. 19 Dec.: I put the finishing touches on Elf Hunter last night. It'll be on by the end of this week. Also, I am adding sponsors because I need money. The search and banner buttons give me money if you click on them. The Musician's Friend buttons give you money if you buy something from there. It's a great catalog (I get all my guitar gear from it). Do me a favor. 1 Jan.:We now have a Lycos club and I'm about to add some Java. The site will also get a graphical overhaul soon. And, please, click on my sponsors, I need the money. 20 Mar.: I have made several updates, but I have not updated the news. Many links. I will put out a new product and graphics soon, I promise. 21 Mar.: Holy Shit!!! WE GOTTA LOGO!!! -More updates, I spaced this bloody page so you can tell it apart.