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12 August 02

I just uploaded another one (Sally, The Drunken Llama Song) onto our Soundclick site, check it out kind sirs and mamns.

All the cutting is done, now all I need to worry about is the stapling of the thing.

Plus, I may potentially have a mailorder. Booyah.

11 Aug 02

We just got a Soundclick (Think a better MP3.com) site. Click HERE to go.

The booklet's ready to go, it just needs to be cut/stapled. Expect it soon.

05 August 02

The CD should be out tomorrow (If all goes well). Sweet DeWeet is now on the Bio page and I've updated the band links with Moses Guest and Los Lonely Boys.

Sorry I haven't updated much lately. We been doing a poor job of recording a replacement for song #3.

29 July 02

"The Bird Song" is now up for the download, get it.

26 July 02

I've just finished two of the liner notes pages and just added the "Shai Udabi" Cover. Easily our most visually impressive cover, if not the most visually impressive cover ever made. Check it out, I seriously wore out my photoshop skillz on this one.

25 July 02 Part III

A fourth cover is now up, as is our gear section (Where you can look at terrible pictures of our guitars). Have fun and keep checking the site.

25 July 02 Part II

Two more covers are done, plus changes have been made to almost all the pages. Like I said, keep looking today, more and more stuff will keep coming up.

25 July 02

Howdy, we just did some cover shoots today, and the first cover is already up on the site, plus all the pictures on our archive should now work. Check the site out a few times today, they'll probably be more updates.

23 July 02

The CD is mixed. Now all I have to do is the packaging, the burning and it will be ready for the grubby little paws of America.

Also I've added a link to Myles of Destruction, an odd little fiddle-based hardcore punk band.

22 July 02 Part II

Today I recorded an mixed a grant total of five tracks (Intro-What is a CD, Sharin' a Cab with God, Lady in a Wheelchair, and Stand by Me) and I'm getting ready to do the rest tomorrow. Save your pennies kids 'cause the CD's on the way.

22 July 02

I finally got the new pictures to work, and for you people who dig that sorta thing, a real-life, shirtless picture of me (Along with 3 other, more recent, pictures). I'm probably going to mix tomorrow, so expect the CD to come out soon. I'm short on time, so the faster I bust it out, the more time I have to sell it before I catch the last train out of town.

14 July 02

I've been working on adding more pictures all day, so if you've been here, and it isn't working exactly right, don't worry, there's more to come. Plus, I'm about to add some actual current pictures (With the band that I actually play with, sans the Buddy Holly glasses). We'll see how that goes.

I'm looking for deals on CD's and am planning to start the liner notes, so don't worry, America's Favorite Band ('Cause we so are), will have its first CD out before you know it. Oh yeah, a major thing, I found an amazing deal on CD labels, so plan on seeing actual, labeled CD's (So they look cool in your giant binder of music, or whatever you store it in).

11 July 02 Part II

Now you can see THE SEXIEST MEN ALIVE in our band photoes page. I only have 10 up so far, but I have dozens, so expect more, soon!

Oh yeah, and my personal favorite contemporary Rock 'n' Roll band, the Modey Lemon is now on my links page, check them out, please.

11 July 02

The record is done. Now it has to be copied, mixed, packaged, spayed and neutered, and then, it's done. The new Sarong Nation tracks include: Christmas is Coming, The Bird Song, The Train Song, an-as-of-yet-unnamed song that sounds like it was done by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They may be joined by a cover of Wedding Bells (Because I love that friggin' song) and my secret instrumental, Archbishop vs. Plastic Robot Jesus. More on that as it develops. Expect it in about two weeks for two dollars if I can.

08 July 02

We're about to go into studio (A conventinet casa) and record the Sarong Nation part of the record. The Train Song, the artsy pretentious Sarong Nation song, is going to be our biggest, most lavish song ever (With me on vocals and nylon-string guitar, Darren on electric guitar, sweet Chris DeWeet on Double Bass, and Rohin on Trumpet).

Tonite, I'm probably going to edit the links and put of a photoes page (Maybe). We'll see how it turns out in an hour or so.

07 July 02

I'm adding a links page on, well really, it's an old, slightly modified links page that will soon be filled with sites that I actually visit, now (I already took the liberty of adding a few of my new favorites and striking some of the lamest from the record).

The CD is going along swimingly, however, Gonynor is spending some time under the knife, so it may be delayed a week or so, but we're really trying to get it out as fast as possible, with as many track as possible, for the least money possible.

BTW, I'll give you a hint about my upcoming (studio) date with Darren, double bass and nylon string. No more...I have already said too much.

03 July 02

Gonynor and I just laid down a significant amount of tracks, so many so, that I think the CD may be coming out next week. I won't make any promises, but I'm really shooting for a .00 price tag, but that, of course, depends entirely upon how much it costs to buy the CD's/copy the liner notes. I warn you, it's super, super sub-professional qualtiy (Don't believe me, I'm including a picture of our "studio" in the liner notes), but regardless, it should be a pretty durn good album (The extended jam on Stand By Me is worth at least the cost of admission), so please, save yer pennies, so in a week or two, we can send a piping hot Archbishop album to yer door.

02 July 02

I just added a band bio page and am currently looking towards expansion. I can't guarantee that this is going to be the final resting place of my home page, but Pitas is absolutely as quick and dirty as it gets w/o cheese. BTW, actually take the time to check out our bio, it's written as if it was a children's story.

01 July 02

This is the first entry in the quick-and-dirty new Archbishop Homepage I have just established. I soon hope of regain some of the glory of the origional, but now, I'm just one man, nursing his broken dreams and hoping you will dignify him w/a quick stop into his page.

But, in band news, Darren and I (Who are together, Archbishop of Twang and Sarong Nation) recently took a trip to the hallowed halls of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the International Thespian Festival, tho we were busy all week, we devoted two nights to serenading our fellow Thespians with our own particular brand of comedy-rock (And a girl scout song or two). After only a few days of playing and practicing together, we had laid the foundation for several new Archbishop classics, improved songs without fear, and even harmonized a little.

We're going into the studio (A convenient room in my house) on Wednesday and hope to come out with part or all of our forthcoming album, but more on that as it develops.