A Concise Bibliography

Here's a listing of zines/magazines that I've published my stuff in. Links to the stories and magazines are availible where possible/legal.


  • History (Buy it here)

Pieces in Print

...Possibly in Print

  • An Open Letter to Tom Phillips/What I Shoulda Wrote, Cheese Dough


  • A Year Past, Crush Comp Zine
  • Impressions of this Morning-Comp from the maker of Satanís Panties

All of these zines can be found at their respective websites or at some of the finer distros. Woven is from New Zealand, so copies can be ordered directly from me (I have a few extras) if you live in America, and/or are too timid/stingy to order one from the lovely Moria, tho I warn you, my poem in that particular zine is only two lines long. If you are interested in reading some of my writing, please check out "I Kissed Her Last Night," availible online (A lot of the other stuff in I have in print is older, less mature, writing and generally, not worth seeking out). If you are interested in publishing some of my work, have some info on what the hell happened to cheese dough, or just wanna chat, contact ME!