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Track Descriptions

  1. The Introduction "What is a CD"-For those of you that absolutely don't know, we describe, to the common man, what a CD is, exactly. Now we didn't come up with it, the description actually comes from the liner notes of a very early CD copy of Abbey Rd, but once you hand a song (Or anything written down) to Archbishop, it never stays quite the same. Brian and Dirk switch roles for one song, as Dirk mans the guitar and Gonynor delivers the recitation.
  2. Sharin' a Cab with God-Our classic Dylanesque ballad of a desolate, jobless man whose life turns around when he shares a cab with God.
  3. Party Hat-The infamous speed-metal love ballad where nothing is guaranteed except the twin choruses "I want to wear you like a party hat" and "I want to see you in a party hat."
  4. Lady in a Wheelchair Riding in the Street Against the Flow of Traffic-THE ARCHBISHOP SONG, our much-lauded 30-second rocker I wrote when I saw a lady in a wheelchair riding in the street against the flow of traffic.
  5. Song to Jimmy Carter-A solo boogie number, in the style of John Lee Hooker, written to Jimmie Carter.
  6. Silver City-The jazz instrumental classic, featuring Dirk on Uke and Gonynor on bass, origionally, the song had lyrics, but now, we are left merely, with the cryptic title and one of our most unique numbers.
  7. You Can Trust Again-Our rocking cover of Janet Gosner's classic Fort Bend Up Close article on Fort Bend Tire and Automotive (We're not kidding).
  8. Stand By Me-The classic ballad, horribly marred at the hands of yon fair Archbishop.
  9. Camel Walk-Gonynor's solo rendition of the Southern Culture on the Skids hit.
  10. Sally (The Drunk Llama Song)-An odd little thing we made up for the sound test, it made so little sense that it just had to make the album.
  11. The Train Song-Our Tom Waits-esque song. It's a decent take w/sweet Chris DeWeet layin' down some mad gospel on the bass and Darren on the guitar (Tho I lay down a little nylon myself). Oh yeah, and it includes the phrase "Drunk on Nicotine."
  12. Bird Song-Me and Darren lay down ulta-quick rendition of our ultra-popular cover of a song ripped from the pages of The Girl Scout Pocket Songbook.
  13. Christmas is Coming-A classic song (From Folksongs for Fun) perfomed in true archbishop style (With the dual guitar stylings of Darren and me).
  14. I Own Kurt Cobain-Me ranting on the Mic with Darren and DeWeet providing ample, botton-heavy backing. If you like RHCP, you'll stand this.