My Dorm

I'm gonna take a moment to pay a bit of a tribute to the place where I hang my hat:

This is my, as-of-yet unnamed bass (tho I've heard at least one nomination for shiela) and my crate 'o' records.

Bed, CD player, unmounted clock, and headphones.

Bangs Poster (Mounted over bed)

My amp and a funeral portrait I purchased for 44 cents named Earnest J. Ganning.

The now posted, and much happier, Earnest J. Ganning...

My desk, including cd's, books, and an inflatible alien from whataburger.

Silk Screen of Andy Warhol (Slighty above desk)

My ironing board with a stack of unposted posters behind

Turntable, coffee can, and coffee maker (which brews two cups simeltaniously, by the way)

Cat Power poster (right below the lamp and a bit above the coffee maker)

My sexy self...

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