Need A MUD Coder?

  Hey, you are probably familiar with my RPG, if that's the case, you
might also know that my other passion is MUDs.  I am rather low on
money and would appreciate some opportunities to make some.  Since
the only 2 skills I have developed are Karate and Merc 2.2, I'm going
with the legal one.  Here is the deal:

  I am an experienced Merc programmer currently working on his own
MUD system RPSM.  However, I need funding and am thus offering myself
as a coder on other MUDs, my conditions are as follows:

*I require credit for all work I do.
*I expect payment before I deliver the product.
*I edit MERC to your specifications at the rate of 7 cents per page.
 I freecode at the rate of 9 cents per page.
*I will work off of a detailed description of the gameworld.
*I reserve the write to add in an expense charage if what you need
 costs me additional money to produce.
*I code for any and all genres.
*I code for MERC only.
*I hold no copyrights on any code I produce for you.
*I work at the rate of 10 pages per day, but I may go faster than it
 at times.
*Any pages left untouched by my hand are not charged to you.

If you are interested in my services, sign my guestbook in the main
page and leave your (real world) address.  I will explain my services
in greater detail and draw up a contract.  Thank you for your