Appendex I: The Gods

This game has a bevy of gods that challenge our players, they are:

Cthulhu-Possibly the greatest of the elder gods, he is the driving
force force behind your torment.  He is a huge creature with an
ape-like body, smooth skin, and an octapus head.  He is known for
his evil, but some say he comes to the aid of those loyal to him.
Good Cthulhu Story-Any one of the Cthulhu cycle and Beneath the
Earth Beneath the Sea

Yig-A native-American serpent god and compatriot of Cthulhu.
His is not pure evil, but he will defend his children, the
snakes, at any cost.  He thinks humans too lowly to be concerned
about their welfare.  He will often follow Cthulhu's lead and,
thus, cause harm to the human race.
Good Yig Story-The Curse of Yig and the Mound

Itha'Twa (not spelled right), the God With 1,000 Children-He is
a fish god who loves human flesh, that's about all we know.
Good G.W.1K.C. Story-The Horror in the Museum

Lucifer-The devil, pure and simple, he is younger than the Elder
Gods and is the current menace right now.  He was a slave angel
who rebelled from God.  God placed him and his angels in hell.
Some say he is Cthulhu's puppet or a disguise.
Good Lucifer Story-King James Bible, Paradise Lost, or The Divine

God-The only member of this pantheon that has your welfare in mind.
He may be older or younger than the elders, no one really know.
All we know is that he likes those who like him.
Good God Story-The Bible, Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, or the
Divine Comedy.

Appendex II: High-Powered Characters

   If your character gain a certain amount of actualization (see
advancement).  They become knowledgeable of the chi.  Here is basic
information on this high-level option:

What is it-The chi is part a Chinese belief that an electrical current
flows through your body.  This current regulates someone's physical,
mental, and spiritual force.  Masters of the chi can control their
body's functions and can even produce "chi magic."  It was once
thought to be a myth, but science has recently proved its existance.

How do you use it-Your character has 3 chi points per day (though
exceptional intelligence, exceptional strength, or any martial arts
discipline can increase it by one.  Your DM should periodicly increase
an active user's chi points.  You perform actions using your
chi by spending these points.  A minor action, like intimidating
someone might be an expendature of one point.  A normal action like
sustaining an aura for 1 day (Your aura is the emotions you project
around yourself) may require an expendature of all that day's points.
An amazing action requires expendature of all your chi points for
3 days, an expample would be causing a healthy person to be overcome
with pain.

A few examples of each level-

Minor Actions

Word of healing
Momentary empathy
Flash of insight

Normal Actions

Increase strength
Increase intelligence
Add points to roll
Adrenaline rush

Amazing Action

Cause pain
Heal wounds
Talk to GM

Alternate Chi Rules-Follow the same procedures for giving out points,
but use the chi points as a way for the player to give certain
advantages to dice rolls (i.e. If you are worried about a hard test,
spend a chi point as a +1 bonus).  This is closer to real-world chi.

One final note-Don't abuse this, this is not a magical game like
D&D.  Your chi is meant to give you an extra advantage in tough
situations.  Don't overload characters with chi, so that they
become a sorcerer.  Also, if a character abuses chi, give him
some problems.  The use of chi is mentally straining and requires
utmost concentration, so don't let players use chi in the middle of
a battle.

Appendex III: A.D.O.S. as a Live RPG

   I, personally, enjoy many of White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theatre games,
and I can understand that players would want to play this live.  To
do so, please follow a few gidelines below:

1.Use coustume whenever possible.  It livens the experience of the
game and makes the characters believeable.  Just remember, monster
coustumes are not a good idea (this game has few mosters, plus
someone's just begging to get hurt with that).  Also, remember that
minimalism is a good idea at times.

2.Props are good.  Key items in the game can be made better with 
props.  However, I warn you that props that are pointy or weapons
can cause injuries.  I am not responsible if some dumb-ass gets
their eye poked out.  Also, don't make everthing a prop, this
isn't a foley artist game.

3.Combat is an accident waiting to happen.  Like in the pen-and-paper
version, is not the focus.  Avoid it whenever possible.  The live 
version should be played like Cthulhu Live or How to Host a Mysterey.  
So, stick to conversation.  After all, the game's focus, problems 
solving, can be achieved with plowshares.

4.The DM still rules.  Even though live roleplaying causes a DM to
act at times, make sure you follow this commands.  So, don't 
disrespect him while he plays a character, he is still the DM.

For more info on live roleplaying read: Cthulhu Live, Any Minds
Eye Theatre game, or the Mind's Eye Theatre magazine.

Author's Disclaimer

   This game was created based on several literary genres.  The writers
of those stories inspired me to create this game.  This game is a
free-standing work and is not property of any of the mentioned
   I am responsible for no injuries or damages incurred while playing
this game.  Live roleplaying must be done at your own risk.
   This is not copyrighted material and you may reproduce the material
   Finally, this is a free game.  This game cannot be played for
profit.  Any tournaments or groups that would like to use this
game should contact me at a forthcoming E-Mail address.