The Wind Cries Mary Link Page

   Why The Hell Not, I say.  I am not the biggest Jimi fan in the 
world, I'm not even a Jimi fan half the time, but I so dig The Wind 
Cries Mary.  That's why I have decided, as part of the insanity, to 
make a link page to every possible Wind Cries Mary related site I 
could find.  It might just be the biggest link page ever devoted to 
a single song, I sure as hell hope so.

The Links
The Technical Column-The Wind Cries Mary: A Look at How to Play Every Version of Said Song
The Wind Cries Mary/Jimi Hendrix: A Page on How to Play the Song With an Animated Cursor
Jimi Hendrix: The Wind Cries Mary: The Lyrics with a Sample of the Song
The Wind Cries Mary: The Lyrics with a Trippy 3-D background
The Wind Cries Mary: Graphically Sparse Version
The Wind Cries Mary: Boring-Ass B&W Version
Stingcronicity-Sting Lyrics,"The Wind Cries Mary" words and Music by Jimi Hendrix: The Song on a Sting Page (From a Jimi Tribute Album)
Seal's Future Lover's Paradise: The Song on a Seal Page (A cover)
The wind cries mary: Fairly poor tabulature
Everyday Companion-Lyrics-The Wind Cries Mary: Lyrics with chords and history, an actual multi-page
Wind Cries Mary Tone: Patch settings for the song
The wind cries Mary:Lyrics in color, ooh-ah, give me a break.